New media

Josef Šlerka Josef Šlerka @josefslerka Head of New Media Studies at Charles University, Managing Director at Nadační fond nezávislé žurnalistiky 9 37226
Tom Hodboď Tom Hodboď @tomhodbod Marketing Strategist, Traveller, Runner. 3 3999
Michal Ischia Michal Ischia @ischiam Digital Media Editor at Respekt magazine @RESPEKT_CZ • Admin of Game of Thrones Czech site @icefirecz • Fantasy & Apple fan 0 2024
Jan Böhm Jan Böhm @janbohm Digital strategist @MSF Operational Communications Unit at Geneva Operational center. Tweets represent my opinions, not MSF’s. Retweet is not endorsement. 2 1260
Pavla K. Pavla K. @ipkit Digimarketing #photography #coffeeaddict. In search for right words, beautiful images, special places and people. 5 750
Euro RSCG 4D Prague Euro RSCG 4D Prague @4dthinking Euro RSCG 4D is an agency for attraction advertising, with an emphasis on online and interactive communications projects. 0 550
té klíště mandle té klíště mandle @kliste @stunome graduate, medical librarian, advocate of #openaccess & #openscience, amateur #photographer, #tealover, inept juggler and 'fakír na všechno' 0 492